Together with loosening of the tissues surrounding the eye within years, sagging may be observed in the eyebrow and the skin of the upper eyelids. If the excessive skin observed in the eyelid is towards the eyelashes, it may display a bad appearance, as well as being a heavy eyelid. In some patients, the sagging is advanced and leads to a narrowed site of view. Furthermore, it may lead to a functional problem, which may be eliminated by surgical treatment.


The amount of excessive skin is determined prior to the operation. The situation of the eyebrow should be evaluated in the examination. In patients with sagging eyelid, a low eyebrow is common. Upper eyelid aesthetics alone will not be sufficient for a patient with a low eyebrow. In these patients, the eyebrows should be hung in addition to upper eyelid aesthetics in order to obtain a real difference and comfort. The decision is made by the physician prior to the operation.   


According to the pain perception of the patient, the operation can be performed under local or general anaesthesia and takes a mean duration of 45 minutes. If the eyebrows would also be hung, the duration will prolong. During the operation, the excessive skin on the upper eyelid is removed and compression is made to the wall at the back of the muscle. The scar is hidden into the curve of the eyelid. At the end of the operation, the incision is covered with a special tape.


The patient is called for a control visit 5 days after the surgery. The tapes are removed by the physician and the sutures are removed. In upper eyelid aesthetics, the knotless suturing technique is used, which provides a painless and comfortable suture removal for the patient. Beginning with the day of suture removal, make up can be applied.  

The scars are observed as a red line in the early post-operative period, which will fade within weeks. Upper eyelid aesthetics is one of the operations with high patient satisfaction.

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