As a consequence of aging around the eye, deep wrinkles appear in the skin of the lower eyelid within years, the excessive skin leads to drooping and herniated fat sacs begin to be noticed. This results in impaired lower eyelid-cheek transition and leads to aesthetic discomfort of the patient. A solution for lower eyelid problems is surgical removal of the excessive skin and dislocating the herniated fat sacs to their original localization in most of the patients. In previous years, herniated fat sacs used to be removed; however, this technique is not currently preferred since removal of these sacs lead s to a reduction in the volume of the region and thus the eyes appear to be deep set in a hollow. This in turn causes a much older appearance.  


The amount of excessive skin is determined prior to the operation. The situation of the eyebrow should be evaluated in the examination. In patients with sagging eyelid, a low eyebrow is common. Upper eyelid aesthetics alone will not be sufficient for a patient with a low eyebrow. In these patients, the eyebrows should be hung in addition to upper eyelid aesthetics in order to obtain a real difference and comfort. The decision is made by the physician prior to the operation.   


The operation is performed under general anaesthesia. It takes a mean duration of 1-1,5 hours. Operational incisions are hidden under the eyelash borders. Excessive skin is removed during the operation, the lower eyelid wall is tightened, and the herniated fat tissues are sutured to their original localizations. A special bandaging technique is performed at the end of the operation.  


Ointment and eyedrops recommended by your doctor should be used for the time mentioned. You will be called for a control visit for suture removal between the 5th and 7th days after discharge.


A retraction may be observed in the eyelid in some of the patients after the surgery. Those patients should undergo another operation to relieve the retraction.

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