Lip aesthetics is one of the most colorful subjects of plastic surgery. Because the lip; It is an organ that symbolizes the beauty of the face and draws attention while speaking and posing. For centuries, full lips have been the symbol of attractiveness. There are continuous developments in this direction in aesthetic surgery.

In lip aesthetics;

  • Lip contouring
  • Lip thickening with temporary filling
  • Lip thickening with permanent filling
  • Lip augmentation with fat injection
  • Lip thickening with implant (silicone)
  • lip thinning surgery
  • lip hanging
  • smile aesthetics
  • lip wrinkle treatment

As you can see, lip aesthetics is a very broad subject. The form of treatment is chosen according to the patient’s expectation and the doctor’s preference. The best option is the method decided by talking together. Since it is mostly a simple procedure, it can be considered one of the most frequently performed procedures by plastic surgeons.