In the general understanding of beauty, plump cheeks are considered a symbol of youth and attractiveness. Weak and sunken cheeks make one’s face look older and tired than it is.

Who Is Cheek Filling Suitable For?

If there is a lack of volume or loss of volume in the cheek area due to hereditary features, weight loss or aging, and also if the person wants to have fuller cheeks, he is a suitable candidate for cheek filler aesthetics. In addition to all these, they should be in good general health and should be in the appropriate age range. Cheek filling with the filling injection technique offers a practical and quick solution to the aesthetic problems on the face. Volume deficiencies in the patient’s cheeks can be successfully treated with an injection operation that takes 15 minutes. As filling material, hyaluronic acid filling materials and types, which are also found in the natural structure of the skin, are preferred.

How Is Cheek Filling Made?

By injecting the cheek filler material, the surface of the cheek is balanced backwards, while the cheek area is slightly lifted and rounded. The surrounding tissue is tightened by controlling the expansion of the angle of the face. Cheek filling technique is one of the most effective methods in aesthetic surgery to plump the cheek area and contour the cheeks. Cheek dermal fillers help the face look younger by pulling the face up. The hollowness of the eyes is reduced, the shape of the nose is revealed, the protrusion of the forehead and chin is balanced.

Things to consider in cheek filling

After cheek filler injection, slight edema or redness may occur on the face. In a few hours, redness and edema will go away on their own in a day or two. In order to prevent possible complications in cheek filling, first of all, a specialist surgeon should be selected and the operation should be performed in a clinical setting. With successfully applied cheek filling, the face can be given a more aesthetic appearance. Because attractive cheekbones play an important role in facial beauty. Well-defined cheeks balance the face, improve the profile of the face, and give the face a younger appearance.